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How to Avoid Falling into the Expatriate "Conveyor Belt" in Dubai

In the money-driven hub of Dubai, an entrepreneur may feel that starting a business here is a breeze.
Simply call a lawyer or business consultant to set up a company, attract investors, and start making money.

This misconception comes at a high cost for those who come here to embark on a glamorous entrepreneurial journey. The endless stream of business romantics trying to establish themselves in the UAE and other wealthy countries of the Middle East has contributed to the creation of the "expat conveyor belt." Unrealistic notions of doing business and inflated expectations accelerate the operation of this conveyor belt.

Vitaliy Chiryasov, CEO of UPPERCASE, told RB.RU media that any entrepreneur can be "processed" by this conveyor belt. But there's good news: you can avoid this fate by identifying a niche and highlighting it to the local business elite from the right angle.